Battle of the Bulge – Another Update (this time its Legen…)

…DARY! It’s a legendary update!

After 10 million years, at sobrang pangangalawang na ng blogsite na ito, isa na naman update on my Battle of the Bulge. This time, para mas malupit, isang epic before and after pic muna…


An almost two year journey, struggle, at kung anik-anik pa, has led me to this picture, that I, and my wife, are extremely proud of. Sabi nga ni misis, it’s still a work-in-progress, and I agree, I think I can still push it to high school era.

Left: Nov 2011, at a friend’s wedding in KL (Weight: 113kgs.)

Right: Sep 2013, at a friend’s wedding in PH (Weight: 88kgs.)

Total Weight Loss: 25 kgs, or a 22% reduction, o diba, pang Biggest Loser lang ang dating!

I can say all the cliches about hardwork, determination and discipline, pero this is my blog, and I don’t like BS, kaya I’ll be very candid about my journey.

1.) You should have a sense of being afraid. Fear is/was a great motivator for me, in this case. Mine was medical, terrifying and bad medical findings.

2.) Compliments are addicting. Ang sarap ng feeling ng masabihan na you look younger, you look fitter, ang payat mo na, mas lalo ka gumuwapo. (last comment courtesy of the mrs!)

3.) Mas madali if may kapartner or katulong ka. The keyword in any lifestyle change is PREPARATION. Someone to help map out meal and exercise plans, someone to cook and prepare the food, and to ensure that you eat the baon.

4.) Frustration. I was frustrated about a number of things. Ang hirap humanap ng damit, ang hirap ng magbasketball, ang hirap tumakbo. Pero ang pinakamasakit nito, e nahirapan akong sumabay sa anak ko. So frustation built up, kaya mas nagkaroon ako ng motivation.

5.) Thinking of an epic before and after picture really helps. Visualization. It also goes back to feeling good after receiving compliments, and to see the result of hard work.

It’s not yet done. Addicting ang feeling ng pagiging healthy; it’s a masarap na addiction naman e. Gusto ko pa din maramdaman un. I saw the improvements, not just medically, but also physically, and psychologically. Nakakamura na ako sa damit, dahil I can fit into Uniqlo stuff, mura and maayos naman.

I want my weight to be where I was in high school, roughly around 78kgs. That would be really awesome. Once that’s achieved, I’ll have my long overdue knee surgery, and probably start putting some serious definition, hehehe!

Pero for now, enjoy na muna. Magpapasko, I have allotted time for this. I mean during the holidays, ok lang muna na medyo magbreak ng diet routine. Come January, beast mode uli tayo.

O siya, sana may sense. Nakakatamad na mag-work. Bakasyon mode na utak ko e.

Paalam! Salamat!

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