Lakers 2 Celtics – 0

Isa namang maayos na araw para sa aking team na Lakers, dahil for the second time this season, tinalo na naman nila ang defending champion na Boston Celtics! Yeah baby! This time was different, dahil wala si Bynum at sa Gah-den sila naglaro! Hahaha!

Another winning streak snapped by the Black Mamba & Co. Noong Christmas day game nila, nahinto nila ang 19-game winning streak ng Boston, ngayon naman ay nahinto naman nila ang 12-game winning streak ng Celtics! Ayos diba?

It just proves that the Lakers are an improved team, the toughness of Garnett & co may not yet be that evident, pero this time around mas may ibubuga na ang aking team! Factor in, na sana makabalik in time si Bynum at madama niya kaagad ang laro niya, we’re on our way to our next championship parade at Hollywood, and for the Kobe-haters to dismiss their notion that Kobe can’t lead a team to a championship.


Isa pa sanang swerte para sa akin ngayong gabi. Sana nga, this is it!

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